Suddenly, Snow

Woke up to a tremendous amount of snow on the ground. I had heard we were going to get some accumulation, but apparently I failed to understand just how much.

Looking out the window, everything was covered. And there were near whiteout conditions, with what literally looked like blankets of snow coming down.

Luckily, I got up early planning to shovel a little before leaving for work. But by the time I got our sidewalks cleared and walked back to the porch… everything was covered again. And it barely looked like I did anything!

On our walk to the train, Liz and I barely saw anyone else. There were a few, significant whiteout moments due to all the lake effect snow we were getting. For a few minutes there, it felt like we were the only two crazy people in our neighborhood, braving the weather to go in to work.

By the time I got downtown, the sky had cleared and there was no snowfall to be seen. A very drastic change from how the morning started for us.

One regret: not taking some video of the crazy snowfall from the office, during the day. While there were periods of sunshine, there were also a few moments where the snowfall was just ridiculous – a solid wall of white.

Reminded me a little of this moment, at the Merchandise Mart.

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