Laura Marling: Wild Fire

I happened across Laura Marling recently on Spotify, and got taken in by her voice. I got hooked first by the bass on Soothing. But it was the above track, Wild Fire, that made me realize I needed to spend some time with this album.

This song reminds me of Ray LaMontagne with just a sprinkle of Lou Reed, to boot. It makes me think of sitting outdoors, early Fall, right as the sun starts to lose its light ever so slightly.

I was listening to this song while cooking, and though its tempo is slow… I had to physically restraing myself from nodding in sync with the song (particularly towards the middle and end).

The live performance is great, but in the event you want to hear the way I first heard it – this is the version that’s on the album:

Lera Lynn: Least Favorite Life
Shelter, by Ray LaMontagne
Jolene, by Ray LaMontagne

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