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A week or two ago, Liz and I found ourselves near Wicker Park on an errand run. Stopping by the Home Depot there, I spotted a few dumpsters for Heneghan Wrecking – and was reminded of just how much I love their tagline: “We Make Space.”

I like how there’s a set of old and new dumpsters here, both with the company name and tagline. It’s more of an advertisement for the company, I think, as it seems their offices are just around the corner.

Their tagline is simple, memorable, and conveys what they do in a really funny manner. I still remember the first time I came across the tagline – it was shortly after visiting a gallery show with Chris back in 2005, and we were walking back up Elston Avenue.

Hard to believe that was twelve years ago. It’s nice to see that, even though buildings may come and go, Heneghan’s been a constant.

Preparing for Wrecking
American Dumpster
Free Advice, Logan Square
Walking Up Elston

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    • That’s fantastic. Weirdly – I have not one but *two* things to share, related to your tagline:

      1: The LepreCAN, spotted during the Blizzard of 2011.

      2: I had a similar tagline for a mobile app that was discussed with Ben, Justin, and Chris ages ago. The app was called ‘Logit’, and was a poop tracker. Tagline: The #1 #2 app.

      avoision Reply

  1. Well done Mr. Jung…. well done.

    Scott Reply

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