Liz, at Work at Play

It’s been a kind of busy week. About a day after we went out for my birthday, Liz got hit with the flu – and has been out of commision for several days. Whatever’s going around (again) has some punch, as she has mostly been sleeping up until very recently.

It wasn’t really until today that she felt well enough to do more than sit up and watch movies… so I took a few photos.

Liz, looking at the complicated cross stitch pattern she’s working on. I know she’s done a bit of this before, but nothing quite so involved. Note the additional thread to be used, near the top of the image.

The nerd in me immediately thinks of pixel art, which I was always terrible at. I can only imagine I’d be terrible at this in real life, too.

To see what else Liz has been up to, swing by her site. Which, by the by, got a little facelift not too long ago!

I Brought You Flowers
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