Horizon Zero Dawn

Over the past few days, I’d been hearing a little more about a new PS4 game: Horizon Zero Dawn (note: Amazon Affiliate link).

As far as RPG’s go, I’m a sucker for archers. I always lean towards a ranger when playing games like this, and the few trailers I saw looked pretty amazing.

The world/environment is one that is post-apocalyptic, but with a mixture of nature and machine. Trees and foliage have overrun buildings, but the world also seems inhabited by mechanical creatures – incredibly complex mechanical creatures.

I just started the game tonight, and the opening sequence is… really long! There’s a lot of time and energy spent with the early origin story of the main character, Aloy. But there’s also a lot of things left unexplained (so far).

What happened to the world? Who created the mechanical creatures? Why does Aloy not have a mother? Things like that.

The writing is… ok. It’s good, not great, and is a little over the top at moments. But the lush world and the graphics make this ok for me. I like that there’s a big focus on the character up front, and I spent most of the night just getting through what feels like the initial tutorials.

Eventually, I’m hoping to get to some of this stuff:

Funny thing – I haven’t purchased a new game in a while. And still, for me, I have trouble pulling the trigger on anything over $50. I wrung my heads for a while over getting this game, and finally decided to give it a go.

In my head, I want to use my free time to further my personal projects. So getting a “game” feels incredibly self-indulgent. Lazy, even. But I don’t do this often, and it feels like it will be a nice, temporary break.

As another note – all the Amazon links on this page are Affiliate links, where I get a small percentage if you actually make a purchase. To date, I’ve tried to only use links like this for products/services I actually own or use myself.

Though I’ve only started out, I’m enjoying my copy of “>Horizon Zero Dawn. Really looking forward to exploring the world more.

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