Closing Up the Basement Wall

Bob was over a few nights ago, helping us get the last bit of plywood up along the wall (by where our basement stairs will go). That said, he was off doing his own measurements for the stairs while Liz and I measured and cut the plywood for the last remaining section.

Work in progress.

The last bits in place! Bob was able to get our oddly-shaped piece by himself (by screwing in a length of wood as a faux ledge). He said it took a little hammering, but it all eventually fell into place. Which made us feel good about our measurements and our cutting.

The final bit (top, far left) also fit in fairly well.

As I was working, I felt self-consciously slow. The cuts were all pretty straightforward, but I just felt like I wasn’t moving all that quickly. Later on in the night, when Bob was cutting up some additional plywood for the back basement, he was just moving along at lightning speed.

I guess it’s just a reminder that there’s really only one way to get faster: more practice.

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