The First Seeds of 2017

I came home Friday to find Liz in the backyard, planting some peas in the garden box.

The weather was really something else – it was really warm when I was downtown, but by the time I got off the train in Hyde Park, it felt chilly. I learned later that it dropped 20 degrees in about 17 minutes, which is crazy fast. I mean – we’re used to that kind of fluctuation in the Midwest… just not that fast is all.

It reminded me of a day last year, where it kept changing between sunshine and snowflakes for the better part of the afternoon.

You know what’s crazy? I took this photo yesterday, on March 25th. Exactly a year ago from yesterday, we picked up the lumber for our garden box project.

Granted, it took us many weeks to finish the boxes, once we got started… but wow. A year?

It’s felt both slow and fast. Hard to believe that was a year ago.

Garden Box Construction, Part 12 (Plus a Full Day Working the Backyard)

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