Sleep Study, the Next Morning

I got a wake-up this morning at 5:30 AM, and was honestly surprised it was time to get up. Amazingly, I slept the whole night with the nose mask, and didn’t have any problems!

Unfortunately, taking off the electrodes was less pleasant than getting them adhered. For the most part it was fine, but in a few spots the attendant ripped them off quickly and it smarted just a little (he didn’t do this everywhere, just in a few places that I assume are better removed quickly).

He asked if I was going to shower, and when I said yes… he left the two electrodes on my chest in place. He said that warm water would get them off easier.

After the shower, I was surprised to find that the electrodes were made by 3M. Who knew they made such things?

Generally, if I’m going to Northwestern for appointment-related things, I’ll usually catch a Michigan Avenue bus. Given that it was a little before 7AM and I had time to kill, I opted to walk to the office instead.

It was nice being in the city so early. Even though it was a solid three hours earlier than I’m usually around downtown, the city was still full of joggers and pedestrians, mothers with baby strollers, people clutching large cups of coffee.

Even though I was walking to work early, I still felt like I was part of a large machine, slowly waking to the day.

Catching the sunlight across a few buildings, as I cross the Chicago River at Michigan and Wacker.

Walking by the construction area at Wabash, I was surprised to find the gate open and things largely clear. I was in awe, as the last time I peered in here it was pretty cluttered.

A part of me wondered if I would have gotten this glimpse had I had a normal arrival time. Maybe I did get better sleep last night, as I felt full of energy, even as I was walking to pick up my morning cup of coffee.

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