Big Garden Plans

Liz, sizing up the various bags available at Home Depot.

This was from our errand day last weekend, the same day when I discovered the almost-closed Strack & Van Til on Elston, and roamed the near-empty aisles for a bit.

Liz has a pretty thorough blog post on her 2017 garden plans. And I have to tell you – I don’t know where she finds the energy and time. In addition to still sewing and knitting, she’s also doing gardening stuff.

It’s hard to believe that we built our garden boxes a full year ago. Although… I guess we started a year ago, but it did take us longer than we expected to finish.

When I stop and think about it – those boxes are really impressive. There are things I’d do differently a second time around, but seeing as this was one of our big, sizable projecs… I think it turned out really well.

I’m looking forward to the veggies that will be growing this year. As, I’m sure, are Phineas and Daisy.

Garden Box Timelapse (Animated GIF)

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