Easter Weekend at the Christiana Lake House, Day 1

On Friday night, we arrived at the Christiana Lake house to spend Easter weekend with the Denlers. There was a bit of a time difference, so it was easier to stay up a little later (we went to bed around 1AM).

I was one of the first ones up, and had a nice conversation with Uncle David in the kitchen, talking politics over coffee while the rest of the house slowly woke up.

Liz was running errands on Friday, and brought up a big box of donuts from Glazed and Infused. This really has turned out to be quite a windfall week for me, in terms of donut access and consumption.

Liz, working on a lemon poppyseed cake recipe that her grandmother used to make.

Morgan, just relaxing and hanging out.

A bit later, frosting the cake.

This was right at the start of Happy Hour, gathering outside with some of the neighbors.

Aunt Beth, Liz, and Julie chatting over drinks.

Bob and Liz, playing some cornhole while the dogs look on.

Brandon and Andy.

When the shoes come off, you know it’s serious.

Liz and I go one-on-one.

A view of the lake, and an old swing Liz used to play on when she was a kid.

As the sun was setting, Liz and I went for a quick stroll.

Late in the evening, as some were heading to bed, a small fire was started.

Some hot dogs (and peeps) were roasted on the fire. An incredibly relaxing end to an incredibly relaxing day.

Visiting the Christiana Lake House, Day 1
Visiting the Christiana Lake House, Day 2: Kayaking and Bridge Jumping

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