The Sloppy White Wire

Last week, on arriving home Liz and I discovered this strap in our backyard. It was a really bizarre thing to have been left here, right smack in the middle of the yard.

It slowly dawned on us that someone had been in our yard. Looking around, we spotted a new (white) wire had been installed, and went from the utility pole into our neighbor’s yard.

It’s a fairly low-hanging wire, and dips a great deal towards the far corner of our yard. But it really gets fun once the wire makes it to our neighbors’ yard.

I’m not clear what happened, but the wire dips down and through at least two or three trees, before it gets to its final destination.

To me, the trees will rip that wire out with about 6+ months of growth. I couldn’t tell where the wire ultimately went to, and wasn’t able to pinpoint who the recipient of this new wire was.

Here’s a rough highlight of what the wire is doing.

At first, I was upset that someone came onto our property without permission. But if it was a city worker, I guess they can go wherever they please.

That said, I’m not sure what kind of wire this was. Cable from Comcast? I normally think of black wire for them. Phone line for AT&T? The challenge is that I want to call and complain (and tell someone to come and reinstall it properly), but I don’t have a clue who to call.

No luck so far yet asking around the other neighbors. I may have to just place a blind call in to Comcast/AT&T and see if I can convince someone to do a better job the second time around.

Blue Line Window View – Dancing Wires

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