Getting a New CPAP Machine for My Sleep Apnea

After my recent sleep study at Northwestern, I had a chance to go with a new vendor and get a new CPAP machine for my sleep apnea.

The last time I got a machine (some ten years ago), a rep just came by my apartment and I got whatever device they brought. This time around, I wanted to look over more options and pick my own machine.

Though it took a specific drive out to the suburbs, I was really pleased with the vendor I’m currently using (send me a message if you want more details). They arranged a sit-down meeting with me, talking through the process and patiently answered all of my questions.

The last vendor I worked with was primarily an office with desks/phones, and I didn’t get a ton of one-on-one time. Definitely felt more informed, and more comfortable this time around.

The two options I looked at: the ResMed AirSense 10 (Amazon Affiliate Link and official page) and the Respironics DreamStation (Amazon Affiliate Link and official page).

Ultimately, I decided on the ResMed (the one on the left) due to its size and sound (it has a smaller footprint, and is much quieter).

In addition to the machine, there were all sorts of other peripherals (filters, headset, mask, cushions). But I got a better sense of how often I needed to purchase replacements, and how the eventual costs would break down with my insurance.

I just had my first night’s sleep with the new machine, and I really enjoyed it. The ResMed was quiet (very much so, compared to my older machine), and it felt really comfortable.

There are all sorts of fancy options with this newer version, including a ramp feature that slowly increases the air pressure over time. My older machine would just turn on and off, and send out air at a constant pressure.

Since I’ve become accustomed to sleeping with a CPAP machine, this feature is less necessary. Looking back, I definitely struggled in the early months. Having a slow ramp-up is a nice benefit, but I could see it being even more beneficial for a first-time user.

Crazy that I’ve been using a CPAP for nearly a decade now. A few photos/links, looking back:

Sleep Study, 2017

My visit with Dr. Chang
, who eventually would shove that thing he’s holding up/down my nose.

Sleep Study, 2007

Sleep Study, Northwestern Sleep Disorder Center, 2017
Seeing a Side of Me I’ve Never Seen Before: Visiting the Ear/Nose/Throat Doc, Northwestern
Sleep Study, Northwestern
CPAP Machine and Mask (aka “The Vader Trainer”)
Trying Out New CPAP Masks (For My Sleep Apnea)

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