The Home Improvement Megarun

After work on Friday, Liz and I went to not one, not two, but four different home improvement stores. Luckily for us, they were all close to one another (we ended up trekking down near Midway to get to the Harbor Freight there).

The main reason for the trip was to get the Airless Paint Sprayer there, as we planned on staining our fence tomorrow. It’s available on Amazon (disclaimer: Affiliate link), but it looks to be selling for around $219 or more online. At Harbor Freight, it was going for $199.

We then went over to Home Depot to pick up some tips for the sprayer, along with some paint brushes. While we were out, I kept an eye open for replacement cartridges, for the respirators we own. We had a new set, but no matter where we went – I couldn’t find the cartridges.

We did buy them a few years ago, and it looks like that particular type may have been discontinued. So we ended up buying a new mask/set.

Since we were in the area, we opted to pick up some additional paint. We stopped at a Menard’s on our way home from our visit to the lakehouse last weekend. We got a 5 gallon bucket, but thought we should get a little more.

On calling, we found that Lowe’s carried the brand of stain we were using (Cabot). But on arriving, they didn’t carry the particular type. Swing and a miss.

So we had to trek further, to a nearby Menard’s (Liz and I were laughing at home eerily similar it was, layout-wise, to the one we went to in MI – down to the various promotional signs). Walking in and to the paint department felt like we were in a time-warp.

We arrived home late (to some very hungry bunnies who were expecting dinner much earlier), but had a car-load of supplies.

Date night gets weird, when you own a house.

Home Depot Days

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