WFV: Working From Valpo

I’m fortunate at work to have the ability to WFH (work from home) on occasion, as needed. Being a developer has its perks, as one can pretty much work wherever so long as there’s a solid Internet connection available.

I was going to help Bob and Julie move some things at their house in Valpo, and decided I would work remotely. So it would just be working from their home, as opposed to mine.

To avoid travel during rush hour, I opted to wake up early… drive out to Valpo and work there. I’d start a little early, and knock off a little early, and be able to go right into moving things after my work day.

On grabbing coffee, circa 6:45AM, I saw a lot of fire trucks along 53rd street. I found out that there was a “haz mat” situation going on, and drove closer to investigate.

This is about as close as I got, before having to turn around. It seemed they had closed a small section of 53rd. Quickly scanning the news, I saw that there was a body of someone discovered around 2:30 AM, and that was about it.

On arriving in Valpo, I did some digging and saw that the person they had discovered had died. And responders noticed a “funny smell” and a haz mat situation was called. It was elevated from Level 1 to Level 2 as a precaution, before responders ventured back in to investigate.

On searching based on his name, it seemed he was a developer (and very much into coding/hardware). But he was also into home brewing – which would account for the odd smells people encountered. No cause determined yet, for the man’s death. A sad story, because he was definitely a young man.

In Valpo, I set up shop in the basement. Since everything needed to be cleared for the new floors that were put in upstairs, nearly everything is stored in the basement. It was an interesting contrast to see how things were down here now, as opposed to when they first moved in.

Lots and lots of stuff.

My computer set up. And yes, I’m a nerd that brought along a keyboard because I hate the laptop keyboard. My hands are used to specific shortcuts, and I just prefer the feel of a regular (full) keyboard.

I liked to think of this as my “Blair Witch” desk, as I’m more or less just facing a wall in the basement.

Upstairs, with the living room converted to a working room.

While here, I was thinking of Valpo as an advanced version of where I want our house to be, in Hyde Park. Looking around, it was exciting to see all the work done on the trim for each room, around all the windows, and the new paint everywhere.

I helped Bob move several things out of the garage into the basement, and cleared out some good space in the garage. We got done earlier than I expected, and had time enough to sit and visit for a while on their porch over a beer.

Honestly, working in the basement was incredibly productive. I brought along my noise-cancelling headphones, and it felt like working at a library.

Though I woke up early, I was guzzling coffee at a good clip for most of the morning. All in all, a really productive day.

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