Mind and Body and Mind Again

Had another day where I got up early, drove out to Valparaiso, and worked from Bob and Julie’s house. I set up shop again in the dark basement which, honestly, has become a favorite spot of mine. It’s quite, isolated, and really lets me zone out and concentrate on work.

Midway through the morning, I realized I had become a nerd cliche – a middle aged man, sitting in his parents’ (in-law’s) basement, working on the computer in the dark. It felt like I was killing time, waiting for my friends to come over so we could play Dungeons and Dragons.

After a solid day of coding (which was very eventful, as I finished up a big feature I’d been spending nearly two weeks on)… I shifted gears, and helped move around some big furniture items.

It was interesting that I got a full workout today, top to bottom. For the morning and most of the day, it was all brain work – coding and logic and all that. Then, it shifted to all body work – moving and lifting and sweating a little bit.

After we got done with the heavy stuff, we went down into the basement to try to tackle the mystery of the cable lines. The prior owner of the house had a big nest of cable lines, along with three sets of splitters that were all screwed to the wall.

Some wires were marked, some were not. Bob and I were able to isolate the unknown wires, and got the right ones hooked up to get the TV working in the bedroom again.

Exercised a little of everything, today.

WFV: Working From Valpo

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