Goofus and Gallant

A fun excerpt, in the life of a bunny parent.

Daisy, a.k.a. “Gallant,” who has a favorite spot on a slab of marble (which we use to hold the pen in place). She really likes hanging out over here, and was flopped over something fierce.

When rabbits “flop” over onto their side, it’s a sure sign they’re very comfortable where they are – and it gives us no small degree of pride and delight whenever Daisy does this.

Aaaaand then there’s Phineas – a.k.a. “Goofus” Who’s kicked out a lot of hay from the litter box. And has situated himself in the middle of the mess – litter, poops and all, like some kind of self-proclaimed king of the junkyard.

Teenagers, I tell you. Always with the messy bedrooms.

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