Head Down, Music Up: Coding to the New Pornographers

I’m a big fan of the early albums by The New Pornographers: Mass Romantic and Electric Version? I can play those start to finish, and love every song. Even Twin Cinema is pretty solid, though I don’t reach for it with the same fondness as their first two albums.

Beyond that though… the other albums never really caught my ear. They’re still a fantastic band, but for whatever reason the strongest pull for me still rests with those two albums.

Wtih their latest album, I found two songs that I’ve turned into a kind of mantra while I’m at work: Whiteout Conditions and This is the World of the Theater.

I’ll arrive at my desk, get settled… and I’ll set one song to repeat. After a few moments, everything else just melts away and I get pretty lost. If I get tired of the song (mind you, this is after an hour or two on repeat), I’ll just jumpt to the next:

Is it too late to live in your heart, too late to burn all your civilian clothes?

Favorite line of the song, hands down.

It’s been a really productive two weeks for me, at work. I completed a significant feature, and am in the final stages of finishing another. And these two songs have been as constant as a cup of coffee.

One of these days, I need to catalog all the songs I deem as perfect “coding” songs – and figure out the average bpm. I have a hunch they’d all fall within a fairly similar range.

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