Going Through the Photos on My Phone, I Found This

As I was grabbing photos off my phone, to write up the blog entry for our Date Night at Giant, in Logan Square… I noticed something a little off. What was that photo there, before all the restaurant ones?

Looks like Liz snuck a photo of me, taking a post-dinner nap. She is… no stranger to using my phone/camera against me in this manner, leaving it there for me to discover at some future time.

I need to come up with a tag for all these moments. Not sure what to call it though. Napcam? Sleepytown?

A Quick Detour to Sleepytown
Wherein I am Photographed, Unawares
Wherein I am Videotaped, Unawares
Wherein I am Photographed, Unawares, Again
Sleeping My Day Away

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  1. lol You love me??? :D

    Liz Reply

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