Felix Jung, 20×2 Chicago: WTF?

The video from the most recent 20×2 Chicago event is up! The question this time around was “WTF?” and, like all 20×2 events… each speaker was given 2 minutes to answer the prompt.

I decided to base my answer by using some of what I learned from my Underviewed project. Back when I was more actively sharing links, I kept a spreadsheet of interesting videos I’d come across.

For those not familiar with Underviewed, the site essentially searches YouTube for files that contain generic filenames as titles.

Most every device saves videos with a certain pattern (iPhone: IMG_1234.MOV, GoPro: GOPR1234.MP4), and a lot of videos exist on Youtube with these generic titles. And oftentimes, these videos remain unseen because they never surface anywhere. When’s the last time you searched YouTube for “IMG_1234.MOV?”

On my list of videos, there were a small section that were just plain weird. Inexplicable videos, weird, sometimes a little too racy or NSFW. I had a good pool of videos to draw from, to answer the question of “WTF?”

Here’s my answer. Warning: the first video I show is slightly racy, and a little NSFW. I would recommend headphones if you are in a public place.

And as a follow-up, here are all the videos I used in my presentation. The bits I included at the show were shortened versions, so here they are in full:

Big tip of the hat to my coworker Casey, who was the one who discovered this gem.

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