Missing Plants, Found Plants

On the walk to work this morning, we passed by the area where that large tree fell yesterday, after all the strong winds. This is the spot where it used to be, and it really did seem to just rest in the shallowest of beds (we saw no big roots or anything).

Just down the street, there was a crew working on repairing or reinforcing a street light (the post itself was on its side, and there was a woman welding up the base).

On the way home, we walked by the Hyde Park Garden Fair – which wasn’t open yet, but was being prepared for opening day.

Whether it’s books or plants, this little area always looks so nice when it’s full with people and things.

Hyde Park Garden Fair (2014)
Julie Beeson’s Annual Plant Sale, 2015 – Frankfort, IL
Julie Beeson’s Annual Plant Sale (2013) – Frankfort, IL

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