Someone Sent Me a Fidget Spinner!

I got home today, and there was an Amazon package with my name on it. I wasn’t expecting anything… opened it up, and saw it was a fidget spinner!

I didn’t notice the center of the spinner at first, but after taking it out of the packaging…

I saw the symbol for pi!

It slowly dawned on me that someone sent this to me as a gift, though I have no idea who the sender might possibly be. Thank you, whoever you are, for this lovely little surprise on a random Thursday evening.

The news these last 10 days has been incessant, and full of one revelation after another – a seemingly endless series of troubling developments. Thank you for the reminder that the world is still a place of joy and surprise, and unexpectedness.

// Update: I got a text from my sister, and learned that she sent it (via my nephew, Jahnu). My awesome surprise gift got a lot more awesomer.

// Update 2: This thing really, really spins for a long time!

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