Old Friends in Chicago

My old friends Kevin and Dan were in town today, to catch Ricky Gervais at the Chicago Theater. The three of us made plans to get together, prior to the show downtown.

Kevin got delayed with work, so as he was en route… I met up with Dan for some drinks. We ended up going to Cindy’s, a place I got introduced to when I met up with Andrew for drinks, last year.

We got there right at 5PM, and I was hopeful we would beat the post-work rush. Which we kinda did, and kinda didn’t.

Luckily for us, we scored two seats at the bar. And pulled up here for a while with our cocktails.

Dan, with his drink. The place started to get pretty full up, soon after we arrived.

We stepped outside briefly, to take in the view. While the morning was overcast and gray, the afternoon was amazing – open sky, lots of sun, and a crisp breeze.

Arguably, it was just as crowded out here as it was inside.

Afterwards, Dan and I headed over to The Gage and had another drink at the bar. We got seated out on the patio, and met up with Kevin – who just had enough time to order some drinks and a meal.

Though it was a short visit, it was nice to catch up. While I got to hang out with Kevin fairly recently, I can’t believe it’s been ten years since I last saw Dan.

Brunch with Kevin
Dan Visits Chicago

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