Busy Friday

I happened to be working from home today, and in talking with Liz… we decided to do our regular run after work. There was some rain in the forecast for tomorrow, so we opted to try to pack in a lot of outdoor stuff we had planned… today.

So after work we did our run (we’re currently running a modified sequence of 4 minutes running with 2 minutes walking (three sets). We’re trying to ratchet our way up to the 5 minutes of running, and are slowly making progress towards that.

After running, we switched to garden work. I mowed the lawn while Liz continued to put more plants in the ground. I did some edging (I’m still not great at it), and got most of the yard complete before my battery died.

Then, I went to clearing out a lot of trash from the basement. Liz was still putting in plants along the fence. After that, I went inside to feed the bunnies their dinner (they get a mix of lettuces and greens).

Here’s me, exhausted and sinking a beer on the back porch. I can’t tell you how nice this felt, to just be sitting here, motionless.

Liz, still working. Though by this time, she was finishing up and mostly just watering things.

A view to our house (on the left), and the yard. There are patches still, but it seems to be slowly coming back.

Liz, showing me around the garden boxes and pointing out the various things that are sprouting and starting to come in.

She was particularly happy with the peas.

We opened one up, and they were quite delicious.

Busy Busy Busy

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