Father’s Day at Lagunitas Brewing Company

I was back in town for Father’s Day, and we met up with Bob, Julie, and Katie at our house in Hyde Park. We then trekked over to Lagunitas to take their brewery tour, and to sample a few beers.

The building is enormous, and from the parking lot – it was a little difficult trying to figure out where the entrance was.

Once in through the front doors, visitors walked down a long, blue-lit corridor. Playing on a loop in the background was “Pure Imagination,” as sung by Gene Wilder (as if there is any other version of this song).

The path led to a stairwell, which then led upwards. This was the first of many pot/marijuana themes during our visit.

Looking down at what appeared to be a staff break room. I later learned that this was a tasting room, used for vendors/bars to sample the different beers available. And, during times of heavy traffic/visitors, it’a also used as an overflow bar.

I don’t remember a lot of the facts during our tour, so I’m just going to leave you with a few of the photos I took.

The one detail I do remember is that the whole space shares a similar footprint to Soldier Field.

I learned that Bob did some work on this building, a long time before Lagunitas took it over. Again, this isn’t too surprising – as Bob has done work all over Chicago.

In fact, I’d wager that if you picked a large building in Chicago at random… there’s a high chance Bob’s done some work inside it.

Liz, Julie, Bob, and Katie.

Lots of beer, in wait.

A view inside the tap room, where there are tons of tables/seats, beer, and food options.

I decided to get a flight, as I only really know (and love) Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’.

I tried: Born Yesterday, Sucks, Lucky 13, and Undercover Investigation Shut-Down.

Of the set I really liked Born Yesterday, and Lucky 13.

We sat and hung out a good long while. Everyone got a beer for the tour, and then had more as we ordered lunch. All in all, I think we spent nearly 2 hours just hanging out here, drinking, eating, and visiting.

Liz and Katie, walking back to the parking lot.

Six packs in hand, heading back to the car. Several of us got some Dark Swan and Aunt Sally – a first for me, as I’ve not ever tried a sour beer before. Hard to top Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’, but it’s going to be fun trying.

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