Phoebe Jung: In Memoriam

Saturday, a lot of the Jung family returned to Indianapolis to attend Grandma Phoebe’s funeral. We are all spread out across the US (and even as far as Shanghai), but came back together again to say our farewells at Crown Hill Cemetery.

We arrived in the morning, for a family-only visitation. Shortly after that, we welcomed several longtime friends of the family who couldn’t make the afternoon service.

A small area featuring photos of grandma, outside the chapel.

A lot of photos displayed, in particular the 50th wedding anniversary photo – which is a classic Jung family photo.

Many of these images remind me of the photo collection at my Aunt Vicky’s house – a continuation of the large collection of family photos that resided at my grandparents’ house on Brill Road.

Family, gathered during the early morning visitation.

Grandma Phoebe, alongside many flowers.

Grandma Phoebe, at rest.

Prior to the service starting. My father is on the far left.

My Uncle Corky is in the center. During the service, he and my Uncle Benny talked about my granda’s extraordinary life. My cousin Jenny and I also had the privilege of speaking together, as well.

After the service, the family had a small, private gathering as my grandmother was moved to her final resting place, next to my grandfather and my uncle Jacky.

Afterwards, those who came to pay their respects also came by to see her. Though there was no official obituary written, the chapel was filled with people who knew my grandmother and wanted to attend. Lots of people in the halls, hugging and talking.

My grandparents, side by side. Liz and I waited until the tide of visitors slowed, and we gathered back here by ourselves for a quiet moment.

As is tradition, our family gathered at a Chinese restaurant to eat. Above, it’s Dan, Andrew and a somewhat hidden Mia.

Cousins at the table.

As we were eating, someone mentioned how wrong it felt that there was no cake. The main cause for much of our annual reunions was so that we could all celebrate grandma’s birthdays – and it felt wrong to not have a cake along with our meal.

I talked with a few cousins, and for future family gatherings… we thought it would be appropriate to get a cake. And of course, it would have to be from Heidelberg Haus – a German bakery that has been supplying our family celebration/birthday cakes for as long as I remember getting cakes.

Today was a long and difficult day. I felt like much of my sorrow and mourning happened a week prior, when I was in Indianapolis during my grandmother’s time in hospice.

With so much family around, I felt my own feelings should have taken a back seat to what others may be experiencing – the adult siblings, the cousins who have been further away, and unable to return until now.

As is typical during moments like this, I snapped a few photographs and hated myself each time I did so. It felt wrong and disrespectful. But that was in the moment. I know that six months from now, six years from now, I would want these images to remind me of this day.

I have more but I don’t know that I want to say any of it now. I don’t even now if I want to say any of it here, ever. Maybe I’ll come back in a year and add more thoughts.

For now, I hope these images help document the close of the remarkable life my grandmother had. She was a wife and a mother to five children. She had eleven grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Her remarkable life spanned two continents, three generations, and over ten decades.

My cousin Jenny made a great slideshow, as part of grandma’s 100th birthday celebration. I invite you to look over the images in this video, and to explore the photos I have of her on this site.

Goodbye, Grandma Phoebe
Grandma Phoebe in the Hospital
Happy 105th Birthday, Grandma Phoebe
Happy 104th Birthday, Grandma Phoebe
Happy 103rd Birthday, Grandma Phoebe
Happy 102nd Birthday, Grandma Phoebe – Part 1
Happy 102nd Birthday, Grandma Phoebe – Part 2
Happy 100th Birthday, Grandma Phoebe!

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  1. Felix, Mendoza and I were so sorry to hear of your grandmother’s passing. I loved hearing all about her from you and Liz, and felt as if I knew her myself. All of our thoughts and love are with you both and your family. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to assist you and yours as you remember Grandma Phoebe.

    Meg Reply

    • Thanks, you two. Love back to you both.

      avoision Reply

  2. So sorry for your loss. Love from allison and I. You have always written beautiful about your family, particularly your grandmother.

    Ben Reply

  3. I am so sorry for your loss, Felix. My thoughts are with you and your family.

    M. Reply

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