Game Night, Game Morning

One of the pleasures I have of returning to Indianapolis is staying at my sister’s house, and hanging out with her family. With so much family in town, we’re spread a bit all over – and Stacey’s house was packed to the gills.

Liz and I took over Jasmine’s room, Courtney and Andrew took over Jahnu’s room. And Jordan camped out in the play room.

In the evening, Jasmine proposed a balancing game called Suspend (Amazon Affiliate link), which was quite fun.

Jasmine and Shane.

Things are getting intense! L to R it’s Jordan, Andrew, Jasmine, and Shane.

Jasmine, executing a complex move as Andrew looks on.

New players! L to R it’s Jordan, Jasmine, Courtney, and Stacey.

The next morning, we’re all hanging out in the sun room. It’s a lazy kind of morning, as everyone is kind of waking up and just sitting.

Jasmine and Jahnu broke out a tic-tac-toe set (that involes a “super tic tac toe” variant involving a 4×4 grid). After a few games, Layla and Koa decided they wanted to join in on the fun.

The game got moved off the floor, to avoid the dogs. I think my nephew may have watched Spider-Man one too many times.

Beasts of Balance

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