Yakko’s World (Via the Movies)

For those of you familiar with Yakko’s World, this is a variation on the original… with all the countries spoken through dialog found in movies.

If you like the style of this, you really need to check out Matthijs Vlot’s work.

I don’t even want to know how much time this took, as it seems like an incredible task to hunt down every single one of these names. Watching the countries spill out, one over the next… it elicits the same sense of astonishment and delight that the original provided, oh so many years ago.

I remember seeing Yakko’s World while I was in college – and was just blown away by it. I think I was up early (possibly the only one up), and once it ended… I was looking around for someone else to share the moment with.

This was all before Twitter and social media, so I just kind of sat in a stunned haze, wondering what just happened.

All these years later, I’m still a fan of the song. I love that others are as well.

Here’s the original:

[via MetaFilter]

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