Happy 15th Birthday, Blog!

Over the weekend, I realized that the blog crossed a huge threshold! My first ever post on here, made on July 1, 2002, was done over 15 years ago!

A lot has changed in that time. I cuss a lot less on here than I used to. And I don’t really do multiple posts per day anymore, like I used to do in the early days.

But that was back when this blog was on Movable Type. And the navigation was a custom, home-rolled solution using Flash and PHP to figure out the current date. It’s gone through a handful of redesigns (and, truth be told, it feels a little overdue).

Crazy to think that I’ve been doing this, daily now, for 15 years. I know that there are definitely times where I fall behind (on the weekends), and there are definitely some gaps here and there. But I think that on the whole, I feel comfortable saying that I’ve stuck with the “daily posts” thing – and can still claim it, despite a few interruptions.

The more I think on it, this blog is such an interesting creature. It’s part diary and part photo album. It’s also part history book, as I sometimes use it to try to remember someone’s birthday, or “what was that time when…” moments.

It’s filled with all sorts of stuff – big, significant events as well as smaller, private moments.

I could go on and on (and I guess I kind of have here, for some time now).

If you’re a longtime reader, thanks for sticking around! And if you just happen to have arrived today, well… consider this my official welcome, and an invitation to browse around.

Fifteen years is a long while. Here’s to fifteen more!

PS: Oh and happy birthday to you too, America! Just because I didn’t light off any fireworks tonight doesn’t diminish my love for you!

[CC photo via Annie Spratt]

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