A Look Into the Musical Structure of ‘Amar Pelos Dois,’ the Winning Song from Eurovision 2017

I happened across this interesting video that talks about the winning song from Eurovision 2017: Amar pelos dois, sung by Salvador Sobral, written and produced by Luísa Sobral, and arranged by Luís Figueiredo.

I’m introducing things in a kind of non-linear way here. Mostly because I want you to experience the same process I experienced, earlier today. So first up, I’d say watch the video below. It’ll give you a bit of context about the song, and after it dives into the specifics… give a pause. And then keep on reading.

So once I got to the point where they started to compare song structures, I got really interested. But before going further, I wanted to listen to this song they were talking about!

So take a look/listen:

On hearing the song, I then went back and got all nerdy with the details in the video (at the top).

I think I approached this song in a different way because I was introduced to the mini-documentary first. And because of the deep dive into the song’s mechanics, I feel I approached listening to the song very differently… had I just happened to hear it, randomly, out of the blue.

I liked that particular path of discovery, and wanted to mirror it for you too (if you hadn’t heard the song already).

[via MetaFilter]

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