Mobile Grooming Spa

Liz and I spotted this, while walking home from work today. At first, I saw the picture of a dog and assumed it was some kind of pet thing. But on closer inspection, I realized it was a mobile grooming spa.

With all the vents and whatnot on top, I assume that all the grooming and spa work (I’m picturing a dog, sitting in a recliner, getting its nails done) happens inside the van.

As a parent to two rabbits, there’s a lot that I’ll do for the health and well-being of my pets. So I’m not about to fault anyone who wants to pamper their fur baby.

But my first thought on seeing this thing was: Wow, that’s fancier than some apartments I’ve lived in.

// Edit: Just noticed that there’s a space missing between the words “grooming” and “spa.” English majors forever!

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