Lunch Date at Revival Food Hall

Liz and I have had a “lunch date” on the calendar for something like 4+ weeks now. Things have been a little hectic the last month or so, but things finally slowed down enough to where we were able to meet up for a quick little get-together, downtown.

She didn’t tell me where we were going, and just said to meet at the corner of Adams and Clark. When we saw one another, Liz steered us inside to…

Revival Food Hall! A place I had heard a lot about, but never got around to visiting.

A collection of several “booths” with plenty of seating, it’s like a higher scale food court. We walked up and down the corridor, peeking in at all the various options.

I was really tempted by Furious Spoon, but ramen in the heat was too much for me. We both ended up going with lunch from Antique Tacos – a favorite ever since we experienced it with Chris and Leslie, after an evening of simulated nuclear annihilation at The Last Defender.

Our lunch date reminded us both of our time in Amsterdam, when we wandered around and explored Foodhallen. Fitting that we spent a part of our meal talking about travel, and where we might want to go next.

Amsterdam, Day 3
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