Rooftop Drone Flight

Spotted this yesterday, while at work. The windows near where I sit look out over State/Madison, and over the top of the Carson, Pirie, Scott Building.

Turns out, there was a group of folks out there flying a drone. I didn’t get any images of the device itself, despite hanging out waiting by the window for a good while.

Seeing this reminded me of the time I got to visit the top of the Merchandise Mart, and also made me think of the quadcopter I saw launched at the Grand Canyon.

Over the years, I’ve always wondered how one might get on the roof of the Carson, Pirie, Scott building. There’s a Target on the first and second floor, but I always felt it would be a matter of finding/asking the right people to gain access.

Of course, with my fear of heights, I’d probably only walk around the middle… but would still be neat to get up there.

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