Dan Frick: These Easy Nights

My friend Dan released an album recently, and it’s available online for you to purchase/download!

I’ve long been a fan of Dan’s music, and even used two of the songs from his prior album on personal projects of mine. One was the song Astronaut, and another was for a project called 3 Years, 3 Minutes.

When I was last hanging out with him, I got to hear a bit about the process he had for this newer album. A great deal of the collaboration involved working with other artists remotely.

While I’m used to the idea of programmers working collaboratively at a distance, the thought that music could work the same way surprised me. Of course it could work that way – but I had never thought about that process as a remote one, before.

Listening to this album, the sound comes off as brighter, crisper. The production quality really comes through – particularly on songs like the newer rendition of his song “Astronaut.”

I’ve found myself returning a lot to the title track – “These Easy Nights.” It’s the third song on the album, and has become the one that I’ll hear in my head when I’m not listening to music.

It’s surprising because, for me, it’s not a song that I think I would normally gravitate to. But the singer (not sure of her name) is fantastic, and her voice makes the main chorus a pleasure to listen to. With this song on, I forget that I’m listening to my friend’s work – it just sounds like a song that’s playing on the radio, or playing in a movie.

Additionally, this song reaffirmed just how talented Dan is – as both a wordsmith and as well as musician who can craft (and structure) a very catchy tune. And, incidentally, he’s also someone who can hit some impressively high falsetto notes (if you listen to the acoustic version of the song, later in the album).

I’ve embedded the album (above), and encourage you to give a listen. You can buy either the CD or digital album for $11, over on Bandcamp. Dan’s a talented musician, and I really want more people to hear his work.

I think you’ll like it – give a listen!

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