Big Delicious Planet: Urban Farm Dinner Series

I had heard about Big Delicious Planet over a year ago, while browsing links on Coudal. I saw a few photos of their Urban Farm Dinner Series, and thought it would make for a great date night event.

At the time, there were no more events slated for 2016. So I made a calendar reminder for myself to check again around February of 2017. When the new dates appeared, Liz and I got tickets. We later learned that Mike and Michelle were also interested, so they also got tickets as well.

Cost wise, this was definitely a splurge for us – and not something we could do with any great frequency (but as I type this, I’m wanting to go back again for another meal). It just so happened that the event coincided with my last day at work, so it was partly a date thing, partly a group outing, and partly a celebration all rolled into one.

At Big Delicious Planet. They are primarily a catering company, but also have a cafe storefront.

We were one of the first to arrive, and on rounding the corner to the garden… spotted/heard a drone, hovering above. I don’t think this was used during the dinner, and may have been for a promotional thing – possibly an aerial photo of the staff.

Here’s a nice bit of video I found of the space. Taken a month before our event, but should still give a sense of where it’s located:

A view of the bar (beer, white/red wine, and mint juleps). All drinks were included with the price.

A view of the table. The event has a large number of guests, and most arrived in pairs or in a group. Not knowing a ton of other people, I got to dust off my social skills and got some good table banter in.

Our seats.

The urban farm is really quite something. Containing 50 raised beds of organic vegetables and herbs, we spent the first hour of our time sipping on drinks and wandering around.

Snacking on appetizers.

Prior to dinner, the four of us kept to ourselves. There wasn’t a ton of mingling that I saw, as most everyone gathered around the people they arrived with. Mostly, what the four of us did was walk out to the back garden beds, and chatted and admired all the green.

Some impressively huge brussels sprouts. I can only imagine how happy our bunnies would be.

Of course I’m a fan.

The fenced off garden area really felt like an oasis in the city.

I’m not sure what this guy is. In every garden bed, there was a small wooden stake with the names of the vegetables/herbs planted. But I couldn’t find one for this guy.

It was a fascinating looking plant, but I’m totally baffled as to what this could be. Anyone have any ideas? It’s a bit hard to see, but it’s covered in tiny little prickly things.

I failed to take any photos of our meal. Partly because I was too busy enjoying the evening and the food, and partly because there was an on-site photographer working the event (also part of the cost).

While I do have a handful of photos that I took, I’m really looking forward to seeing some professional ones from the evening.

I had a nice time getting to know some of our dinner neighbors, across from us. L to R it’s Hollie, James, Colleen, and Kelly.

A view of the table, towards the end of the evening.

Great food, great conversations, and a really enjoyable way to end the day. If you’re able, I highly recommend attending one of BDP’s dinner events. I think all the July events are sold out as of now – but looks like some August dates are still available!

In the meanwhile, make sure to follow them on Instagram, and you can at least drool over the food that way.

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  1. That plant is called borage/starflower. I don’t know much about it, but I might have been told it’s good for composting in some way.

    Angela Reply

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