20×2 Times Two: What Are You Waiting For? What’s the Story?

While I’ve had the good fortune to participate in a lot of 20×2 Chicago events, this week saw a pretty interesting varation. The original folks behind 20×2 (Kevin, Mark, and Jeff) decided to take the show “on tour” and did two back to back events at a new venue: the Virgin hotel in Chicago.

On Thursday, I went to watch 20 folks answer the question “What Are You Waiting For?”

Eamon Daly, teaching the crowd how to eat a Kit Kat like a Kardashian. Prior to the show’s start, there were Kit Kats sprinkled over every available surface (and Eamon also worked the crowd, passing out samples prior to taking the stage).

Liz Ziner had a hilarious story about taking horrible relationship advice from magazines. And Leyla Royale had a very interesting audio piece that answered the prompt. I’m typically used to either a live or video presentation, so an audio-only approach was new (and I found myself closing my eyes, listening to the various layers of the piece).

I didn’t take a ton of photos, mostly enjoying my time as an audience member. But I did record this little snippet – the tail end of Danny Surico’s presentation, when he threw out items to the crowd:

Fast-forward to Friday, and Liz and I met up with Julie and Bob at Revival Food Hall.

Liz gets out a little early on Fridays, and so we decided to have an early dinner prior to Friday’s show.

I brought both knives with me, planning on returning on of them to Bob. On seeing my set on the table, Bob said “Look at this” and took out a third knife. Hilarity.

Outside the Virgin Hotel in Chicago.

Hanging out, before the start of the show.

A view of the stage. The prompt for this evening’s show was “What’s the Story?”

In the green room, waiting to begin. L to R it’s Kevin chatting with Jim Allenspach.

It’s a small green room.

The view from the green room, waiting to go on.

Saya, talking about self-promotion and saying “Yes.”

Nick, giving a phenomenal talk about a family secret that he uncovered… and had kept quiet for nearly 20+ years. Until finally revealing it tonight.

The research/discovery process involved microfiche. It’s a tremendous story, and I can’t wait for video of the show to become available so you can hear it too.

A slide from the presentation by Stephanie Bassos – talking about her People Vs. Places project.

After the show, the four of us went down to the second floor and had a round of drinks, post-event.

Chatting over some wine and Jack Daniels. I’m glad we had a chance to hang out a bit afterwards, as I wasn’t really able to visit much during the event itself.

As always, the 20×2 events were a blast. Looking forward to sharing video when it’s available – including my answer to the “What’s the Story” prompt!

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