Clearing the Boxes

On Saturday, Liz and I resumed our Reboxing the Boxes project – going through a lot of the items currently stored in our front office room.

We mostly went through a “keep or curb” mindset, trying to separate out things we wanted to store vs. things we were willing to give away (and put on the sidewalk).

I had a large collection of old PS3 games (that don’t work in a PS4), that I ended up putting to the curb. Amazingly, they sat out there for nearly the whole day… and didn’t get snatched up until late Sunday morning.

While we were going through one of the boxes… Liz found the old set of Lazer Tag guns that she got many years ago.

After a quick check, we realized the batteries were still good.

And then things kind of got out of hand for a little while.

Neither of us were keeping score, but I’m pretty sure I won.

An open area, after a lot of repacking and reorganizing. Not show: a larger path is opened up to the right, with even more space cleared.

One of the many boxes we found contained a lot of old bottles. This bit of espresso flavored vodka was part of a custom drink we had for our wedding, dubbed The Second Wind.

As a splurge, we went out to run some errands and picked up fresher ingredients…

… and made some second winds for ourselves, to celebrate a long day of house work.

Reboxing Our Boxes
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  1. In your dreams, Jung!

    I think we all know I am the master at laser tag. :P

    Liz Reply

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