Adding Studs

On Sunday, Bob and I spent a good part of the day working in the basement – adding in studs to the support beam, and prepping for the wall that would enclose both the stairs and the bathroom.

As we were unloading his truck, Bob pulled out an item he happened to have next to the tools: an old “porta potti” that he and Kenny used, way back in ’76. At the time, the two of them were working on building a family cottage pretty far out. With no running water, they had to set up their own facilities.

And of course, it was made by Sears… because Sears made everything, once upon a time.

A view of the tools.

I have to say – today was really a stellar work day for me.

During our time downstairs, I felt like I was in a realy good rhythm in the back and forth. Bob was calling out measurements, and I was jotting them down – and then measuring and cutting 2×4’s to spec.

I was even making a few angled cuts, shifting our miter saw to cut at a 45.

When we were affixing each piece, Bob was drilling the pilot holes and I was following close behind with the actual screws. I felt more in sync with things, and there was a definite “back and forth” as we were working. I really felt a sense of accomplishment after stepping back and admiring our work, at the end of the day.

We’ve got a good start of a wall going, and a lot more strength added to the beam.

I mentioned to Bob that I had never felt more excited by 2×4’s.

Detail view, near the end of the stairs.

Detail view, near the start of the stairs.

Towards the end of the day, Liz was showing Julie around in the front office – recapping all the work we’d done clearing out some boxes.

This is me, admiring the view of them admiring the view.

A New Support Beam in the Basement
Prepping for the Basement Stairs
Setting Up a New Craftsman Table Saw
New Miter Saw

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