Visiting the Walker Art Center

On arriving in Minneapolis for my new job with The Nerdery, I had a bit of time left in the day. With me just being in/out for just tow days, I opted to go out and explore a bit… and headed over to the Walker Art Center.

I didn’t get to fully recap this excursion, so I’m simply adding in the photos (more than a year after the fact). But this was a tremendous day of exploration and discovery, with me just wandering around and observing.

In particular, the teamLab exhibit was a joyous experience. I found a colored drawing in a random room (far away from the exhibit itself) that looked like it came out of a coloring book.

On arriving some time later at the exhibit, I realized that many of the projections were actual drawings by people, scanned and added to the interactivity. And the one drawing I had found was actually part of this display.

I have very little art history education, and known even less about modern art. And for the most part, I find a majority of modern art to be baffling and frustratingly inaccessible. But when I do find a piece that speaks to me, it’s something that really stays with me – and is oftentimes quite a powerful experience.

My time at the Walker was no exception to this rule.

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