The Turtle Escaped

After arriving home yesterday, Liz and I were sitting at the kitchen table… just catching up and talking about our respective days.

We transitioned outside, where Liz started to water the plants in the front yard. As I was just hanging out, she asked if I saw the “Lost Turtle” sign, down the road. On realizing that I missed this, she insisted I walk down and take some photos – and I’m really glad she did.

The “Lost Turtle” sign, which is a sad thing in and of itself…

but the part that cracked us both up is that the turtle “escaped.” Trying to imagine this as a kind of slow-motion, multi-hour prison break made me chuckle a little bit.

And it was delightful to have a face, to go with the message.

While the notion of “escape” for a turtle is funny, it’s still a pet that was lost – and I imagine there’s a small child somewhere hoping/wishing for the turtle’s safe return.

On my way back home, I was scanning the ground hoping to see if I could spot the missing turtle. Liz said she did the same thing. I guess we’ll both be on the lookout, from here on out.

Shedd Aquarium, 2006

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