The Clock is Ticking

This afternoon, Bob came and spent some time with us talking about our house plans. Before we got into the details, we took a small break and went out back to admire Liz’s work in the neighbor’s yard, while there was still light outside.

As we were in back, I looked over the fence and saw a few red leaves in our neighbor’s tree. Horrified, I pointed it out to Liz.

The leaves were starting to turn.

The tree is absolutely gorgeous when it changes color, but both of us felt the summer was ending too soon! We still had time, didn’t we? Fall isn’t on its way yet, is it?

Bob and Julie both noted that the robins have left Northern Indiana, a possible sign that we are in for an early Winter. Liz has still seem robins in our area, but with the leaves starting to go… I do wonder how soon until we start seeing colder weather.

Beyond the tree, we spent a lot of time at the kitchen table (and walking around the second floor), talking about plans. We’ve got a lot to do in the months before the cold arrives, and it’s both daunting and invigorating.

Winter, stay away as long as you can. We’ll be keeping an eye on the clock until then.

Half-Past Fall
All Trees are Clocks

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