Painting the Basement Joists

Liz and I have returned to a more focused, consistent schedule on the house. With the events of the last few months settling down, we’re renewing our time and effort back to having a routine where we work on the house at set times during the week.

I had an after-work function today, so I got home a little later than normal. On arriving, I found Liz already suited up and working in the basement.

By the time I got downstairs, we were ready to kind of switch off. She had been hard at work since she got home, and I came down to relieve her (and hand her a victory beer).

Liz, looking a little speckled from the work.

Liz worked from about 5:30 until 7:30, and I took over until about 9 or so. She definitely got more done than me, but the back basement is definitely starting to shape up more.

It’s patchy and needs another pass, but we’re slowly getting there.

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