Laura Marling: Soothing

I haven’t really been listening to music all that much at work, lately. Since I’ve started my new job, I’ve been focusing a lot on getting ramped up… and getting to a baseline where I’m actually productive.

I’m going through that onboarding stage where I’m fumbling around, figuring out where stuff is and how things work. It’s getting better, but it’s slow going. And I’m not listening to music to get into the zone yet, because well… I’m a ways away from the zone. I’m still in that phase where I’m wrapping my head around things.

Additionally, some days my morning commute differs – and I’m still getting used to taking different paths to get to work. And I’m listening to music less, and keeping an eye out more for street names and bus stops.

Today though, I was listening to a bit of music on my way in to work and found my way back to Laura Marling. The first song on her album, Semper Femina is “Soothing” – and it’s the track that first caught my ear… and kept me listening to more.

The song starts with an a-typical rhythm on the drums, joined shortly by a bass line that seems really curious against the time. And as Marling’s vocals came in… the three seemed to do this really interesting thing where they are in sync and at odds with one another, at the same time.

I’m not clear on what the time signatures are, but her voice and that bass line are just super interesting. There’s a smoky, sultriness at work in the first half of the song… and I found myself very drawn in.

Oddly, I’m much more taken with the opening and the first half of the song. The chorus I can give or take, but that opening is just fantastic.

Note: the official music video is interesting, but may be a tad NSFW. I mean, technically it’s totally fine – but it’s probably not something you want to have up on a screen while a coworker walks by.

Laura Marling: Wild Fire

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