The Hay Sampler

We’ve always gotten our hay from Doctors Foster and Smith. And since we go through so much if it with two bunny rabbits, we get a huge box of it shipped every two months or so.

No, seriously. We get the 50 pound boxes of hay.

For the most part, the hay’s been fine. But lately, there’s been a lot more of what I call “dust” – hay bits and pieces that are really small, and end up being about an inch or two in length.

The rabbits (and Phineas in particular) don’t really care for this, and I’ve found that the smaller the hay bits – the more likely he is to kick out all the hay.

Doctors Foster and Smith have been really great, actually. When I wrote to complain about a box that had a significant amount of “dust” versus regular hay, they sent out another 50 pound box of hay, free of charge. Which was fantastic of them.

Unfortunately, that box also contained a great amount of “dust.” And so Liz began looking for another vendor, and we’re considering getting smaller boxes moving forward.

This week, we got two packages from a new place called Small Pet Select. One was a larger box of hay, but the exciting one was a “hay sampler.”

That’s right. We ordered up a box of sample hay. And to top it off, this is how Liz and I spent our evening.

Staying home. On a Friday night. With a box of hay samples.

Phineas and Daisy, moments after the sampler box was opened, checking things out. L to R, the hay types are: 2nd cutting, 3rd cutting, Oat hay, Orchard hay.

Phineas, getting a little enthusiastic.

While Phineas was sitting on top of things, Daisy for the most part just stood on the side and munched away.

Phineas, still going while Daisy is in the background, taking a break. Phineas was quite partial to the 3rd cutting, and spent a majority of his time muching on that one. Daisy preferred the Orchard hay and the Oat hay.

Closeups of the bunnies. Because this is what Liz and I do on a Friday night, for fun.

Daisy face.

One moment I wish we would have captured on video was Daisy, losing her footing and slowly sliding down the underside of the lid onto the carpet. I think all of us were surprised, when that happened.

I still can’t believe this is how we spent our Friday night – taking tons of photos and videos of our bunny rabbits like this. The whole time, I thought – “Wow, this is what it must be like for people who have kids, when they buy a box of sampler hay for their children.”

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