Removing the Basement Headers

Today, I spent time with Bob in the basement – where the task was to remove the old headers along the south of the basement, near the new stairs. The wood is pretty bowed, and in replacing it… the goal is to make it stronger, and to also gain a bit more room with the stairs.

Temporary support, until the new headers go in.

Using the sawzall to remove the first header.

Halfway through.

With the headers removed, we prepped two larger replacements. These pieces came from Uncle Kenny and Aunt Karen’s new house. In their prior life, they were stringers for some stairs. It’s nice that they’ll be getting a new life in our house.

While looking into a space where the pocket doors area, Bob reached in and found this bit of newspaper – lodged pretty far inside.

Turns out, it was an edition of “Downtown Shopping News.”

The date? December 12, 1932. Almost 85 years old.

“Truthful Advertising.” What gets me the most is how the paper instructs that you phone, if you don’t receive a regular delivery. And the phone number is four digits.

Paging Mr. Fashion! A remarkbly clear view of the image, unsullied by soot or dust.

An Arvin Electric Room Heater for $3.98, sold by Sears.

Atractive, Durable Card Tables for $0.88, sold by Marshall Field and Co.

A New Support Beam in the Basement
Adding Studs
Extending a Gas Line to the Second Floor

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