If I Was a Car Thief

On the way to work, I spotted all these small, yellow leaflets adorning many of the cars on our street. On closer inspection, it was just a local announcement of a BBQ and some kind of movie screening. Nice, regular, neighborhood-y stuff.

For me though, every time I see the same leaflets on every car… I think about how that’s exactly the sort of thing I’d do, if I were a professional car thief.

Basically, just blanket a block or two with the same item. Then come back in a few days… and the cars that still have the leaflet on them are your prime candidates. The owners are possibly away, or haven’t moved or checked on their vehicle in some time.

I dunno. Just struck me as a lost-risk way to scope out cars. I guess another option is to wait until everyone is away at a neighborhood BBQ, and just steal some cars then.

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