Joining the Nerd Wall

One of the (many) cool things at The Nerdery office in Chicago is the interactive employee wall. It’s right by the entrance and front desk, and gives anyone the ability to look through all of the Nerds who are based in Chicago.

A week or so ago, I was given a short questionnaire to fill out (background info, favorite foods, etc). And around the same time, I was asked to film a short bit of video for my bio (me doing something silly).

Today, when I arrived at the office… Jami (whose name I had forgotten, having just met her last week) asked me out of the blue “So, what kind of bunnies do you have?”

In our conversation about rabbits, I learned that my video bio had made it up on the wall! I guess a few other Nerds were looking through the new hire bios, and mine was among the list.

At the end of the day on Friday, I went over to the wall to see what my bio looked like. I felt a little sheepish, as it was painfully obvious to anyone walking by that I was checking this enormous projection of myself out… but I was just really curious how my video turned out.

The whole display really is just an awesome, interactive experience. You can view everyone at a glance.

The controls let you cycle through all the Nerds, and you can even filter people based on things like discipline and tenure. Somehow though, I took a photo with absolutely no one displayed. :|

Here’s a quick video of my bio. Again, it felt super weird recording this, because I was essentially taking a video of a video of myself. Which seemed like an additional level of obnoxiousness, beyond someone just taking a selfie at work. But here ya go:

My photos and video don’t really do this justice. There’s a great post on the Nerdery blog that goes into more detail about how everything works.

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