An Empty Room of One’s Own

Over the weekend, Liz and I pulled the trigger on renting out a storage unit. This was a pretty big deal for us, partly for the cost itself… and partly for what it represents.

Most of our boxes are still on the second floor, and our goal is to relocate them all. ALL of them. So that we can start to do more significant work, like ripping out the floors and putting down insulation and new plywood.

But the first thing – everything needs to go!

Not much to see here, just an empty room. But hopefully it’s going to be filled in a week or so. We got a 10′ x 12′ unit.

The floor looked a little rough, but after a scan it seemed decently solid.

One thing we found from the prior tenant: a shotgun shell. I ended up giving this to the storage people to dispose of, as I felt weird just tossing it in a trashcan by the sidewalk.

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