Taping and Mudding the Back Basement

Last night, Liz and I were in the basement going over our plans for the next few weeks. On looking over some of the walls in the main basement, we realized we had additional questions for Bob regarding our approach to putting up Visqueen and drywall. Luckily for us, he was headed over a little later.

When Bob arrived, I ended up splitting off to go upstairs to prep dinner. Liz asked Bob all our questions, and got a primer on how to tape and mud the drywall we installed, over the weekend.

Liz, patching over screw holes, as Bob watches and advises.

I was able to talk with Bob about the drywall install, and learned the difference between which screws were sunk in an acceptable depth (and which ones were in a kind of “danger” zone). Knowing that the screw heads should sink in about 1/8″ helped, and I feel better armed for the next sheet we put up.

Liz went over all the screws, and cleaned up the ones that were protruding a little too much.

First pass, done. We’ve still got another one to two passes to do, but the back area is shaping up!

Last Plywood and Visqueen in the Back Basement
Working with Drywall for the First Time

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