Prep Work for the Housekeeping Pad

Caught an early train this morning, and met up with Bob in the suburbs. We got breakfast, and I ended up helping him move some things. On our way back to Hyde Park, we stopped off to get some supplies for our back basement.

We’ll be doing a small housekeeping pad, for the washer and dryer. And that means… more bags of cement!

Seventeen bags, to be exact. The funny thing? When we figured out the final number of bags we’d need, my first thought was “Oh good, that’s not so bad.”

It’s not 52 bags, I’ll tell you that much.

Back at home, Bob talking with Liz about taping and mudding drywall.

Liz, measuring up the fireproof plywood we’ll be mounting on the back wall (for the new electrical panel).

Working with a square bit (as opposed to the traditional Philips head). Finding myself preferring these guys.

Cutting Cement and Final Basement Prep
Basement Prep

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