Pouring a Housekeeping Pad in the Back Basement

Last night, Bob came over to do the cement pour in our back basement. Our goal was to have a small housekeeping pad for the (future) washer/dryer. We wanted to get it done over the weekend, but time got away from us. Luckily for us, Bob was willing to tackle it on a school night.

Bob and Liz, using a laser level to determine where to scribe lines on the wall.

Bob set up a slight incline, so that any water leaking from the machines would move away from the walls.

Bob took some rebar we bought (along with some leftover pieces), and welded us a frame out in Valpo. Before placing it in, he needed to trim it a little with a grinder.

Setting up in the back basement.

Propping up the frame a bit, with some small blocks of wood.

Final placement.

And we’re off! The whole affair was really quite messy. And even though it was less bags than we normally do, I was pretty wiped out by the time we finished.

Bob, spreading out the cement. We started off a little dry, but got the consistency down about halfway through.

Fast forward to the cleanup. I got pretty dirty during the whole process, and wasn’t able to take any pictures. Suffice it to say, we went through almost all the bags (save for one).

We started around 6:50 PM and started our cleanup around 8:20 PM. Not too shabby!

Our handy Craftsman Wet/Dry Blower (disclaimer: Affiliate Link). It’s served us pretty well so far, and tonight was the first time we used the wet filter to pick up water.

It’s so weird, now that we no longer have a pit in the basement. We actually have to clean up our water/messes, instead of just sweeping it away.

The pour, drying.

The pad, nestled alongside the drywall.

I like the symmetry of this.

One day in the future, we’ll be able to do laundry without leaving the house.

Looking back on things, we’ve done a ton of work in this back area. We’ve upgraded the back door, closed the back window, painted the joists, put up plywood and Visqueen, and then put up drywall. And now a housekeeping pad.

As I’m recounting everything and looking over all these photos, we’ve really done a lot. In the throes of our day to day, it doesn’t feel like it. But we really have done a lot.

Prep Work for the Housekeeping Pad
Prep Continued: Drywall and Frame
Final, Big Cement Pour in the Basement
Closing the Back Basement Window

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